TikTok Trends, Sounds & News No. 1: #PiercingChallenge, History Lessons, and "Share to TikTok" Partners

What's happening in the world of TikTok.

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To help you better understand the world of TikTok, I have put together an up to date list of top TikTok trends, sounds, and news. Use this information to improve your own TikTok marketing tactics.

I challenge you to:

  • Incorporate one of these trends into one of your new TikTok videos. Watch a few of the videos that people are making for the trends so you get a good idea of what kind of format you should be copying.

  • Use a trending sound in one of your new TikTok videos. Watch a few of the videos that people are making for a sound that you like and make note of the different memes creators are using.

To see what I’ve been doing on my own account @mattcatbat (currently 374,500 followers after 3 months) you can read my latest update here.

If you want to chat, reply this email or send me an email at matt@theforyoupage.com. I would love to hear from you!

Top 10 TikTok Trends

1. #otherside

14.9 million views - Grab a picture, split it in half, and draw the #OtherSide.

2. #LastChristmasMovie (Sponsored)

267.8 million views - Say hello to the holidays! The movie Last Christmas is now playing in theaters and to celebrate we want to kick off your holiday countdown a little early this year. Show us how you go from pumpkin spice to peppermint! Share your holiday transformation using #LastChristmasMovie

3. #breaktherecord

360.5 million views - Can you set a new record? It’s World Record Day, so why not try to set a new personal best?

4. #glowups

68 million views - Look at us now. Show us your group’s #GlowUps.

5. #nightroutine

95.1 million views - Show us your #NightRoutine.

6. #falllooks

329.7 million views - Cold weather is finally here, so show us what you’re wearing this season with your #FallLooks.

7. #vibecheck

742.9 million views - Can you pass the #VibeCheck?

8. #signalfound

692.2 million views - Pull out your detector and show us what you find.

9. #getcrafting

347.4 million views - Crafting makes everything better, so #GetCrafting.

10. #imbaby

1.1 billion views - What did you look like way back when?

Top 10 TikTok Sounds

1. Candy by Doja Cat

829,000 videos using this sound.

2. Lucid Dreams by Juice WRLD

708,800 videos using this sound.

3. Yellow Hearts by Ant Saunders

405,500 videos using this sound.

4. Take Your Man by Mahogany LOX

689,000 videos using this sound.

5. Danger by Migos & Marshmello

74,800 videos using this sound.

6. ROXANNE by Arizona Zervas

127,800 videos using this sound.

7. Bathroom Dance by Hildur Guonadottir

24,100 videos using this sound.

8. Last Christmas by Wham!

148,600 videos using this sound.

9. Lottery by K Camp

1,200,000 videos using this sound.

10. Juicy (Feat. Tyga) by Doja Cat

95,800 videos using this sound.

TikTok News

More younger members of Generation Z use TikTok than Facebook

Via Axios: “More young teenagers use TikTok than Facebook, according to a new report from Morning Consult. Instagram and Snapchat still beat TikTok by wide margins, but the viral Chinese karaoke app has quickly become popular amongst Generation Z.

Launching Share to TikTok with Adobe Premiere Rush and More Partners

Via TikTok Newsroom: “TikTok is always looking for ways to give our community new opportunities and fresh features to express themselves creatively. Today, we're extending our creative offerings with the launch of our Share to TikTok SDK -- the first feature introduced in our TikTok for Developers program.

How the Washington Post uses TikTok to engage with its audience

Via CNN: “Jorgenson has produced more than 120 videos for the account, amassing 220,000 followers and more than 7.5 million "hearts," or likes. The clips orient viewers to the Post's reporters and editors, using humor to show them how the newsroom operates. One video shows Steven Rich, the database editor for the Post's investigations unit, demonstrating how Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests work to the tune of a Justin Bieber remix.

What Music Goes Viral On TikTok?

Via Grammy Awards: “Consequentially, an ever-growing handful of catchy songs have gained fame within the app and, in the case of Lil Nas X, Lizzo (her #DNATest Challenge recently helped catapult her 2017 bop "Truth Hurts" to the charts) and a few others, in the greater popular culture and pop music landscapes.

Also read: What TikTok Users Want To Hear

Teens Are Going Viral With Theatrical History Lessons on TikTok. These History Educators Are Thrilled.

Via TIME: “Pavek is one of a group of teenagers doling out their own history lessons online. “I take a lot of notes from those classes to make the videos, trying to fit the audio to those topics, and those key ideas in order to basically help kids learn,” she says.

People are doing the #PiercingChallenge on TikTok to decide what piercing to get IRL

Via PopBuzz: “It works like this, a filter flashes on to the user's face showing a number of different piercings. The piercings can be anything, from the nose to the septum, or – kind of like spinning a roulette wheel. Once it lands on the piercing, the person then heads to a (hopefully) professional piercer where they get the piercing IRL. Simple… and painful.

The Furor Over TikTok Is About Something Much Bigger

Via Slate:In a letter to Joseph Maguire, the acting director of national intelligence, Sens. Chuck Schumer and Tom Cotton warned: “With over 110 million downloads in the U.S. alone, TikTok is a potential counterintelligence threat we cannot ignore.”…

The Week in Tech: TikTok Is in Trouble

Via The New York TimesSilicon Valley companies dislike it because it’s cashing in on a market opportunity — and they haven’t yet successfully replicated it…

Golden State Warriors Quickly Find Success On TikTok

Via Front Office Sports: “I think it’s just appealing to this younger audience,” Millet said. “I think we have more room to grow because the numbers started lower but we feel confident in meeting fans where they are on that platform and giving them content that’s engaging and is opening us up to new audiences as well.

TikTok: Should we trust the Chinese social-media video app?

Via BBC: “Earlier this week, US politicians asked TikTok to testify at a congressional hearing. They wanted the company to clear up allegations it was beholden to the Chinese state.

Clemson football QB Trevor Lawrence gets a laugh at TikTok look-alikes

Via Greenville Online: “People who look like Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence have been posting videos comparing themselves to the Clemson signal-caller, and the resemblance is uncanny.

Beyond “silly memes,” TikTok’s India story is driven by users earning less than $350 a month

Via Quartz India: “TikTok’s explosion in India in the 18-month period since January 2018 has expanded its reach to 30% of all Indian smartphones as of August 2019, according to data provided by Delhi-based market intelligence firm KalaGato.

TikTok Update: I just hit 330k followers

Follow along as I grow my TikTok account.

Welcome to theforyoupage, the #1 TikTok newsletter to help you grow and monetize your TikTok audience. Forward me to a friend. 
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I’m now 90 days into posting content to TikTok. What started as an experiment has grown into a fun thing I get to do for a few minutes every day, and I’m excited to share that I have recently hit 330,000 followers! What’s strange is that I don’t feel like I have that many followers, even though I know that if I were to put 330,000 in one place it would actually be more people than attended the largest concert ever:

This growth of followers makes me feel a couple things that I’ll share with you:

  • Most people follow me for a very specific type of content I create: mind reading videos. I wish that this wasn’t the only thing that went viral for me and I’ve been creating different types of content in the hopes of finding something else that people can know me for. Although some of my content gets traction, I have yet to find a type of content that performs even close to how well my mind reading videos perform. On the other hand, I have definitely spent some time taking my mind reading videos to the next level, including filming videos backwards for additional special effects and inventing new mind reading tricks.

  • I’m not really sure what to do with 330,000 followers, and I never thought I’d have to figure out something like that for myself! I remember when I first started on TikTok it was a struggle to even get 1,000 views on a video. Now? I know that any video I put up will at least get 10,000 to 60,000 views in the first 24 hours even if it’s not a mind reading video. But what should I be leveraging my following to do? What can I do once I have 1,000,000 followers that I can’t do now? How can I increase follower engagement and create a community? How can I continue to make sure my viewers have fun and positive experiences? These are all exciting questions to think through!

  • One of the really interesting parts about TikTok is that if I broadcast live I will be promoted at the top of every notification feed of all 330,000 of my followers. I’m thinking a lot recently around the best ways for me to broadcast live to my followers. I broadcasted live for 5 minutes while walking around Disneyland and 500 people tuned in. Another time I went live while drawing and a few viewers tipped me $10 of real money that TikTok lets me cash out (they take a 50% cut). The best practice is to go live when you have a video going viral because then everyone who watches your viral video will also be able to tune into your live show - so keep that in mind if you’re thinking about going live yourself.

  • Should I be trying to collect email addresses from my followers? Do they even have email addresses? Should I be collecting phone numbers? Should I be getting them to connect on Messenger? It would be useful to be able to send a notification to my hard core followers when I have new content or if I decided to come out with branded merchandise. This is another thing I have been thinking about.

  • I’ve also been trying to figure out the best ways for brands and TikTok influencers to work together. TikTok influencers can be using sponsored sounds and products but most brands don’t know how to TikTok influencers and most TikTok influencers don’t know how to talk to brands. I think there is an interesting opportunity here. If you’re a brand looking to work with TikTok influencers I’d love to learn how you’re thinking about it.

In my last @mattcatbat update I talked about:

  • How I grew from 30k to 145k followers in 9 days.

  • My first time broadcasting live on TikTok.

  • My interview with Run Gum, an ecommerce brand started by a 2X Olympian that had just gotten started on TikTok.

What we’re going to cover today:

  • My TikTok stats.

  • A breakdown of the 19 videos I posted that helped me from from 145k followers to 330k followers in 26 days.

My TikTok Stats Update (@mattcatbat)

Stats are from October 31st, 2019 compared to stats from October 4th, 2019. My account was created on August 7th, 2019.

  • Followers: 337,596 (+191,327)

  • Likes: 2,232,199 (+1,173,953)

  • Video Views (Past 28 Days): 11,321,633 (+3,164,598)

  • Profile Views (Past 28 Days): 252,135 (+44,500)

  • Days on TikTok: 90

TikTok Video Breakdown - 19 Videos

What I Did on TikTok to Grow from 145k to 330k Followers

Over the past month I have posted 19 new videos on TikTok. As my account is mainly known for mind reading videos, I have continued to post them, but as you will see if I have also continued to explore new types of content that I can build my brand around. Mind reading videos are very limited in how many different variations you can make, so my big (and difficult) goal is to find a new type of content with high repeatability that can take over as my main type of content. This is crucial in making sure my TikTok account can consistently and endlessly provide quality entertainment.

Here’s a breakdown of the types of videos I made this month:

  • 7 Mind Reading Videos

  • 4 Time Lapse Drawing Videos

  • 3 Trend Videos

  • 2 Hypnotizing Videos

  • 2 Original Comedy Videos

  • 1 Instructional Drawing Video

I dropped my recent videos into a spreadsheet so I could see which ones performed the best. I would recommend taking the time to do this with your own TikTok videos so that you can make data driven decisions on what content to focus on.

What we can learn from this spreadsheet:

  • In my mind reading and hypnotizing videos I ask viewers to “double tap their screen and follow if you’re new” before I reveal what they are thinking or before I hypnotize them. What if this entire time these videos haven’t been performing well just because they are mind reading videos, but because I am directly encouraging engagement that drives virality on TikTok? This seems so obvious when I look at it like this but for some reason I didn’t think about it before. I kept thinking that it just so happened that people like mind reading videos better than my other videos. Moving forward I should definitely experiment with combining my non mind reading content with direct encouragement to like and follow.

  • My strategy so far has been to consistently create mind reading videos because TikTok continues to reward me with views, likes, and followers. My thought has been that I can then leverage my following from the mind reading videos to drive views for non mind reading content that my audience would also enjoy and then over time slowly shift my main content from mind reading to something else a little more creative. As you can see in the stats I have not yet figured out how to do this. Ideally I can find a piece of content I can create regularly that doesn’t explicitly ask for engagement (likes/follows). This is the biggest thing I am trying to figure out right now.

  • As I talk to more TikTok influencers it is has been made clear to me that including your face in more of your content is really important in building an audience that is personally connected to you. Only 21% of my videos this month included my face, and only 1.6% of my views. This still means 100,000+ people saw my face, which is a start in building recognition, but I have to make sure I implement myself and personal brand into more of my videos.

If you want to check them out, here are my videos from the past month:

1. If hands could talk (humor)

  • I thought this video was super funny when I made it. Looking back it’s pretty weird :)

  • Views: 32.1k

  • Likes: 3,886

  • Comments: 75

  • Shares: 11

2. Halloween themed mind reading video

  • Halloween was coming up, so I thought why not theme the mind reading video!

  • Views: 338.4k

  • Likes: 45.5k

  • Comments: 7,394

  • Shares: 328

3. My hand interacting with a comic drawing (“Put your hand in mine”)

  • I honestly think this video is hilarious. It did so so on TikTok but I laugh every time I watch it. Sometimes TikTok doesn’t like what I like.

  • Views: 40.3k

  • Likes: 4,374

  • Comments: 19

  • Shares: 10

4. Hypnotizing video with an optical illusion

  • I’ve seen others make these kinds of videos on TikTok so I decided to try it out. I don’t love doing them, but my audience liked it.

  • Views: 52.1k

  • Likes: 8,612

  • Comments: 364

  • Shares: 159

5. Animated trend video (“gravity… is working”)

  • This honestly took so long to make and it didn’t perform that great. The video I did after this performed better and all I did is put a duck umbrella on my head for 10 seconds. That’s TikTok for you :)

  • Views: 32.7k

  • Likes: 3,615

  • Comments: 34

  • Shares: 15

6. Duck umbrella on my head trend video (“I think I’m catching feelings”)

  • I saw this weird duck umbrella in a closet. I put it on my head to a song. I made sure to include some of my drawings so that I kept building up the brand. It did surprisingly well for the amount of effort I put in.

  • Views: 37.6k

  • Likes: 3,642

  • Comments: 34

  • Shares: 8

7. Animated mind reading video

  • Took a lot of time but didn’t perform better than a non animated mind reading video, so I don’t think it was worth the effort.

  • Views: 65.3k

  • Likes: 9,588

  • Comments: 988

  • Shares: 59

8. Drawing time lapse Halloween themed

  • These videos are really fun and easy to do. They don’t do super well, but they get engagement from my existing followers and they seem to like them.

  • Views: 31.2k

  • Likes: 2,152

  • Comments: 24

  • Shares: 16

9. Mind reading video

  • Another mind reading video, nothing special.

  • Views: 52.8k

  • Likes: 6,878

  • Comments: 798

  • Shares: 58

10. Mind reading video with a new trick

  • This is my most viewed video of all time. In the beginning I last minute decided to put a bunch of $20 bills we had from selling our couch on Craigslist, and I think it really impacted the virality of this video. Thousands of people in the comments talked about the money.

  • Views: 6.7mil

  • Likes: 644k

  • Comments: 45.9k

  • Shares: 9,128

11. Rotoscoped singing video (“Fly me to the moon”)

  • This took so long to do. I literally drew on top of 100+ frames of video and I thought this was going to do super well. It did not.

  • Views: 16.5k

  • Likes: 1,422

  • Comments: 24

  • Shares: 6

12. Mind reading video shot in garden

  • I tried to recreate my mind reading video in a garden. It didn’t do that great.

  • Views: 13.4k

  • Likes: 1,702

  • Comments: 212

  • Shares: 6

13. Mind reading video

  • Another mind reading video! Nothing too different here.

  • Views: 185.6k

  • Likes: 21.1k

  • Comments: 2,315

  • Shares: 214

14. Drawing time lapse of mattcatbat, sneleh, and penny

  • I’ve been including my fiancee @sneleh in some of my videos since my audience seems to like it. She’s up to over 200 followers now just from being mentioned in my videos a few times.

  • Views: 26.7k

  • Likes: 3,302

  • Comments: 27

  • Shares: 11

15. Drawing time lapse of a pumpkin

  • Views: 28.5k

  • Likes: 3,352

  • Comments: 30

  • Shares: 21

16. Drawing time lapse of a space dog

  • Views: 41.6k

  • Likes: 6,067

  • Comments: 29

  • Shares: 39

17. Instructional drawing video for sad mattcatbat

  • This did a lot better than I expected. I definitely want to do more instructional videos as my audience seems to really enjoy them.

  • Views: 51.7k

  • Likes: 11.3k

  • Comments: 92

  • Shares: 269

18. Mind reading video with a joke

  • I shot a mind reading video with the punchline at the end that guessed you were thinking that “this is impossible”. It did better than I anticipated but hopefully I didn’t upset too many people by kind of making a joke of mind reading videos (nobody in the comments was upset, I’m probably just overthinking it).

  • Views: 319.7k

  • Likes: 34.8k

  • Comments: 2,977

  • Shares: 110

19. Hypnotizing video shot at Disneyland

  • I was at Disneyland recently and I was walking by the magic shop on Main Street. I wanted to figure out a way to make a video about the magic shop since so many of my followers love magic. I shot this video not sure what to expect and was pretty surprised at how well it did. Usually I take time to draw and write on a bunch of pieces of paper but this time I just talked and put text on top of my video and it worked pretty well. I’m going to experiment with doing more videos like this moving forward.

  • Views: 69k

  • Likes: 10.7k

  • Comments: 293

  • Shares: 83

I hope you learned something from this recent update! I try my best to be as transparent as possible so that you get the unfiltered and raw thoughts and strategies. I want you to see both the ups and downs so that you can apply them to your own TikTok account.

Thank you for reading this issue of theforyoupage!

How I Grew My TikTok from 30k to 145k Followers in 9 Days

Here is everything I did.

Welcome to theforyoupage, the #1 TikTok newsletter to help you grow and monetize your TikTok audience. Forward me to a friend. 
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In my last update:

  • I walked you through the strategies I followed in my first 30 days on TikTok that got me to 30k followers.

  • We spoke to viral TikTok’er Ryan Beard about his experience on TikTok and his tips for creators and brands (he grew from 480k to 640k followers since I sent the last newsletter out! Congrats Ryan!)

  • I went over the ideas I was thinking about for my TikTok moving forward.

Well, here we are, 9 days later, and a ton has happened and I’ve learned a lot.

This is what we’re going to cover today:

  • The new strategies I tried on TikTok (I posted 13 new videos) and how I more than doubled my followers from 60k to over 145k! (I even broadcasted live on TikTok for the first time!)

  • I had the chance to sit down with Run Gum, an ecommerce brand started by a 2X Olympian that just got started on TikTok (I also work with them via my company Octane AI). It’s really interesting to see how brands are starting to think about TikTok as a marketing platform.

  • I may or may not have created a TikTok video with 1,000 people at the Klaviyo ecommerce & marketing automation conference in Boston AND afterwards I found out that a bunch of people in the audience made TikToks OF THE TIKTOK! So cool. You can check out my TikTok video here and the other angles here, here, and here.

Ready? Let’s jump into today’s update from theforyoupage!

p.s. Just a heads up, I am considering releasing a paid tier of this newsletter in the future.

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My TikTok Stats (@mattcatbat)

Stats are from October 4th, 2019. My account was created on August 7th, 2019

  • Followers: 146,269 (+82,371)

  • Likes: 1,058,246 (+494,056)

  • Video Views (Past 28 Days): 8,157,035 (+4,022,336)

  • Profile Views (Past 28 Days): 207,635 (+111,170)

  • Days on TikTok: 58

What I Did on TikTok Last Week

In my last update I interviewed Ryan Beard (640k followers on TikTok). While he liked my content (“I like that your style stands out because you use the drawings on paper which is something I haven't seen much before”), he had some clear suggestions.

Here’s what Ryan recommended I do to improve my account on TikTok (@mattcatbat):

  • Up until now I have mostly posted videos that are pointed at a table where I show my hands and pieces of paper with doodles and writing on them. Ryan said that I should show my face more so that my followers build a personal connection with me and not just my drawings.

  • Ryan didn’t love how often I have been doing mind reading videos. I have gotten a lot of success with these, which is why I’ve kept doing them, but they don’t have good repeatability since there aren’t an infinite amount of mind reading videos I can create (3 of my most popular videos are all almost exactly the same video but with slightly different drawings and dialogue). For example Ryan has different repeatable formats that he does every week, like “Un-motiviational Monday” and “Woke Wednesday”. This allows him to have an endless amount of content because he isn’t tied to a specific video he is tied to a theme. Ryan suggested that I try and branch out from making mind reading videos.

So, I tried to follow Ryan’s advice, with varying success. None of my experimental (non mind reading) videos went super viral, but they did get anywhere from 6k to 50k+ views each and I found some concepts that I’m really excited to explore more.

Here are the 13 videos I posted this week:

p.s. I know… before you say anything.. my battery is dying in all my screen shots this week. I plugged it in though, it’s ok now!

1. Mind reading video #1.

There is a mind reading trick I have done a few times on my account which almost always performs really well. However, I don’t think it’s a great viewer experience if I just keep doing it over and over again, so this video was my attempt at inventing a new type of trick. It did alright with 8k likes, 1.5k comments, and 39k views, but didn’t go super viral. This video didn’t follow any of Ryan’s advice.

2. Mind reading video #2 where I tried featuring a brand that I work with at Octane AI.

Last week I was speaking at the Klaviyo BOS conference in Boston (a conference about email marketing for ecommerce brands) and I was having a lot of conversations with attendees about TikTok. One of the brands there (that I work with at Octane AI) joked that based on my follower count I should do influencer marketing for them.

I took this as a challenge and the next morning I shot a mind reading video where I featured their brand, Skinny Mixes, at the end. I was curious - could I apply the same viral format I had previously had success with, but do it in a way that also included their brand?

The results were pretty good! This video got 16.3k likes, 2.3k comments, and 145.7k views!

I went through the normal mind reading trick, but I included products from their store during the reveal of the trick. I am interested in figuring out more native ways brands and content can be merged. This video still didn’t follow Ryan’s advice.

3. I recorded a TikTok while on stage at the Klaviyo BOS conference.

This was really fun! While most of the presentation I talked about how Messenger and SMS marketing is really effective for ecommerce brands, at the end of the presentation I told the audience they should all be looking into TikTok as a huge opportunity for viral distribution. The 1,000 people in the audience were great sports and helped me shoot a fun video from the stage (thanks everyone!).

This video is pretty off brand for my account since its not following any of my previous themes, but it was a video that featured my face! So this video was the first one that started to attempt to follow Ryan’s advice.

This video got 726 likes, 28 comments, and 10.3k views.

4. Instead of a “I’m going to read your mind” I tried making a “I’m going to blow your mind” video.

So this was me trying to figure out other types of content I could try creating that wasn’t about mind reading. Like my other videos I showed shots of my doodles, but this time I also flipped the camera to my face so I could talk to the audience directly. This video didn’t do that great with 1.8k likes, 266 comments, and 14.9k views.

5. I got my fiancée to shoot a video transition!

One advanced technique on TikTok is to create video transitions. There are a lot of different video transitions people do, I’ll share more of these as I experiment with them (and learn how to do them), but this one was based on a current trend for the sound “Absolutely Anything (feat Or3o)” where you move your arms in front of you to the beat and then change your clothes or appearance mid shot as your arms are moving.

This video turned out to be really cool as it introduced my fiancée, which is personal to me, to my audience. Later when I went live for the first time on TikTok there were people in the chat who asked where my fiancée was. It makes sense, but for some reason I was really surprised that by simply posting this video she became part of my story and brand in the eyes of my viewers.

6. Joke video where I show the incorrect words to a song (but it sounds like those words could be what the song is saying).

Another attempt at doing something that isn’t a mind reading video. I don’t know what other songs I could do this with, maybe I could google for existing content on the internet where people have found songs where you could think the words that were being sung were different than they actually are, but I don’t think this is a type of video I will shoot again. 1.4k likes, 26 comments (really low!), and 15.7k views.

7. Mind reading video #3 that was a recreation of my most viral video ever but with a different story and some fancy editing. This got 3 million views and is my new most viral video ever!

So, again… wasn’t following Ryan’s advice. But! I did something in the video that was pretty cool.

I shot the entire video backwards so that when I revealed what you were thinking at the end it would show up because a tiny pile of ash caught on fire and turned into a piece of paper with the number you were thinking of.

To do this I recorded the video backwards, then I put it into an app on my phone (VideoLeap) and I reversed it, sped up parts of it so I could get the overall video time down to under 60 seconds, and recorded a voice over so that it felt like the video was going in the right direction.

This video didn’t include my face, and I did it because I knew it would work really well. I will likely keep doing different versions of this video at least once a week until I figure out new viral formats from my experiments.

This video got 358.8k likes, 29.4k comments, and 3 million views and is where most of my recent growth came from. The big takeaway here is that adding extra flare to your video can be really effective (and if you’ve found something that works, keep doing it while exploring new ways to expand your content offering).

8. I hit 100k followers and posted a video of me doing the video transition my fiancée had done to commemorate the milestone!

This was a silly video, but it was a shot of me with one of my drawings taped to my shirt (so the viewers could associate me with the drawings) and then I transition to a drawing where I have 100k followers and then I say thank you to the viewers. It’s not something meant to go viral, more of a community building shout out to my followers. This video got 1.7k likes, 33 comments, and 16.2k views.

9. I recorded a video of me drawing the @mattcatbat cartoon character.

I really liked doing this video and I definitely want to do more videos like this. It was really easy to shoot, it has music (most of my videos are just me talking), and it’s not a mind reading video! This type of video has high repeatability since I can do videos drawing different things and it appeals to an audience of people who like drawing.

This video got 2.3k likes, 14 comments, and 17.8k views. If this video had taken a while to do I wouldn’t want to make more of them, but because it was so easy I definitely want to explore this concept more.

10. The @mattcatbat doodle challenge!

This video was an experiment to see if I could get some higher levels of engagement from the viewers and include them in the experience. I showed my viewers how to draw the @mattcatbat character and challenged them to duet my video and draw the character themselves. I told everyone that I had recently reached 100k followers on TikTok and whoever did a duet drawing the @mattcatbat would get featured in a future video (I haven’t created this video yet as people are still doing duets, but I will post it in the future!).

21 people have done duets drawing the @mattcatbat character! It was really wild to see even this many people drawing this little cartoon that I made up.

This video got 747 likes, 50 comments, and 6.1k views. It was my least viewed video, but because of the duets I think this concept shows a lot of potential and is definitely something I want to keep experimenting with.

11. Mind reading #4 BUT I included my face in it!

So… not completely following Ryan’s advice, but I thought I would experiment with combining a mind reading video with also including myself in it so that I could build more of a personal brand with the viewers.

This video got 6.5k likes, 1k comments, and 51k views. On the upside, people saw me in the video, so thats good, and the video did pretty well. Downside is I’m pretty sure if I shot this same exact video without me in it then it could have gotten 100k+ views if not 1 million. Ideally I want to find a video format where I can be in it but it also can get at least 1 million views.

12. I made my character dance to a trending sound.

By drawing different frames of my character on overlapping pieces of paper, and shooting the video at 3X (slows down the 15 seconds to 45 seconds of record time but then speeds it back up to the 15 seconds), I shot a pretty hacky animation of the @mattcatbat character dancing to a trending sound with the related trending dance.

This video got 671 likes, 15 comments, and 6.3k views. I love the idea of animating my character so that it can participate in trends like this, but I think in order for this to perform well I need to figure out how to do real animation vs this hacky version (I love the animation concept @tootymcnooty does on her channel, you should definitely check our her videos. She even recently made an animated video to the audio of Ryan Beard, and it went super viral with almost 5 million views!).

13. I created a video explaining how TikTok works.

In another non mind reading attempt, I took my style of shooting videos where I point the camera down at my hands and pieces of paper with doodles (like in my mind reading videos), but instead of a mind reading video I told a 60 second story of how TikTok works.

This video got 3.7k likes, 101 comments, and 16.9k views. It didn’t get 1 million views, but I think the data is really promising. I could make explainer style videos for an infinite amount of things, so I’m definitely excited to try different topics to see if something catches on. I think there could be something here.

Bonus: I broadcasted live on TikTok for the first time!

When you reach 1,000 followers on TikTok you unlock the ability to broadcast live. While you are live, your thumbnail on all of your videos gets a “live” badge and when people click it they are taken to your live broadcast instead of your profile page. This means that if you have a video going viral, going live can be a really effective strategy to connect with your new influx of viewers (viewers can also tip you with virtual paid gifts during your stream and you can cash them out for real money).

This was my first time going live, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I decided I would point the camera at a piece of paper and just draw whatever the viewers wanted me to draw. This ended up being really cool and I think the viewers had a lot of fun with it.

Here’s the drawing that my viewers and I ended up creating together

Summary of what I tried and learned:

  • I included my face in more videos with varying success.

  • I definitely want to keep doing at least 1 mind reading video a week because I know it works, but I also need to keep experimenting to find a new more repeatable viral format.

  • I’m going to keep posting milestone videos to celebrate with the community (I’ll do my next one at 250k followers).

  • I will continue to explore the following experiments from this week: Drawing something to music, animating my character to a recent trend, encouraging duets, and explainer/story videos.

  • I really want to find a repeatable format that I can designate to certain days of the week. For example I have an idea where I can use the explainer/story format from video #13 to do like “Made Up Move Mondays” where I go over a pretend movie plot using my drawings. I’ll try this and see what happens!

Interview with Nathan Woods, COO of Run Gum

@rungum | 2,300+ TikTok Followers | rungum.com

Matt: What is Run Gum?

Nathan: Run Gum is your solution to slow absorbing Energy Products. Created by a 2x Olympian, Our Energy Gum is infused with caffeine, taurine, and b-vitamins to give you a faster boost so that you can make the most out of your busy days.

Matt: Are you using TikTok for Run Gum yet?

Nathan: We have had an account for most of 2019, but just observing the platform. We began participating and actually producing content for it late September.

Matt: How do you think about TikTok? What kind of channel is it for you?

Nathan: It’s crazy fascinating. The amount of attention you can get from it right now is what got us so interested it adopting it to our strategy. Right now it’s really just a playground and we are learning how become part of the TikTok community.

Matt: What does TikTok need to be able to do in order for it to be a valuable channel for Run Gum?

Nathan: There will be a time where it would be nice to redirect or have a call to action to a landing page. But I also appreciate it is what it is right now.  Attention is valuable not matter what and we seeing we can get that with TikTok. Now it’s on us to create valuable content for the platform. We see the value in it long term.

Matt: What's your current plan for growing on TikTok? What kind of content are you thinking of posting?

Nathan: Right now – we are committed to 6-7 pieces of content a week and learning what works. We have also just been repurposing content we have already for other channels and adding the TikTok style to it. 

Matt: Have you thought of working with TikTok influencers or running TikTok ads? How do you feel and think about these options?

Nathan: Yes. Both are top of mind as we build out this channel and part of our strategy as we open up 2020.

Matt: What questions should we ask other TikTok creators and brands when we interview them?

Nathan: For product companies, how they are incorporating their products into the content.

Time they are devoting to creating specific TikTok content.

Type of ads that are successful.

Thank you Nathan for taking the time to share your TikTok journey with myself and theforyoupage readers!

Thank you for reading this issue of theforyoupage!

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My Newest TikTok Video Just Hit 1.7 Million Views

This week I cleared my TikTok inbox, tried a new publishing strategy, and sat down with viral TikTok content creator Ryan Beard

I posted a new video on TikTok a few days ago and it is already about to pass 2 million views. I had a pretty good hunch that this video would do well, but it was still exciting to see that it actually worked! I have a new process I’ve put together for creating TikTok content every week, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

This week I also got a chance to sit down with Ryan Beard and learn how he grew his TikTok account @ryanbeardofficial to over 480k followers. Ryan posts original content and regularly gets 100k likes per video (and he was on America’s Got Talent!). He shared invaluable knowledge that I hope you can apply to your own TikTok strategies. Thank you Ryan for taking the time!

Also! Thank you to everyone who shared my article “The Complete Beginner’s Guide to TikTok”! I spent 30 days on TikTok while writing it and I’m so glad that so many of you found it valuable.

So how’s my TikTok account doing? Why did I have a hunch my new video would do well? What did I do to grow my account when I first started? What am I doing now to continue to grow it? What insights did today’s guest & viral TikTok creator have for us?

Let’s jump into today’s update from theforyoupage.

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My TikTok Stats (@mattcatbat )

Note to readers: What is your TikTok account? Reply to this email to let me know so I can follow you!

  • Followers: 63,898 (I was at 30k less than a week ago!)

  • Likes: 564,190

  • Video Views (Past 28 Days): 4,134,699

  • Profile Views (Past 28 Days): 96,465

  • Days on TikTok: 48

My account was created on August 7th, 2019

What I Did On TikTok During My First Month

When I first started creating videos for TikTok I had no idea what I was doing. Like some of you reading this, I didn’t even really fully understand TikTok.

My first couple of videos I didn’t share publicly. I just recorded videos, tried different sounds, and played with the filters. They are still on my account, but set to private, so I can still see them and they are pretty bad. They didn’t follow any sort of format, they weren’t interesting, and they didn’t follow any trends.

I left one of these random videos up for the sake of posterity. You can even see in the username overlay on the video that I hadn’t even customized my account name yet.

I quickly moved on to trying some TikTok trends (and picked a username, which took way longer than I expected). I couldn’t dance (and still can’t…at least not yet…) so my first stop was to try making some jokes. They didn’t do that great either, but definitely an improvement on my original random videos which had no strategy at all.

This was my first tiny taste of success. Some people, somewhere, were hitting the like button on my videos. It wasn’t enough though, I needed to try something new.

In a blatant attempt at increasing engagement I started creating video puzzles where my viewers were shown 1 frame clues throughout my video. The first person to solve the puzzle would find a URL where they could redeem a $5 Amazon gift card.

My first attempt worked better than anything I had ever done before (you can see in the bottom right it has 1.2k likes) and I chased this virality for the next week, posting a new puzzle video every day.

Why were these videos getting likes? Well…the strategy I was employing here, and I’m not exactly proud of this, was that in order to find the clues people would either have to pause the videos at exactly the right time which would result in them accidentally liking the video (tapping your screen on TikTok once pauses the video, but double tapping likes the video) or downloading the video (so that they could go though it frame by fame). I had seen other TikTok creators use this strategy in different ways, not usually with gift cards, and I created my own twist on it.

I enjoyed making these since there really was a real prize for whoever could figure out the puzzle first and I’d never seen anyone on TikTok create videos like this before. I also just really liked (and still like) the concept of a video being a puzzle, almost like its a little mini game TikTok viewers get to play in between scrolling through dance and joke videos.

Here’s an example of how one of my puzzles worked:

  • You would have to find the pieces of a URL in the video.

  • This URL would take you to an image on the web that had another URL hidden inside of it.

  • This second image would give you the URL to redeem the Amazon card.

See if you can solve this one.

These videos were getting a lot more likes than I was getting when I first started, and I felt like I was on fire! Almost every video would hit 100 likes, and to me… that was amazing. But I wasn’t getting any followers!

So, I started a new strategy. I started following everyone who liked any of my videos. If I followed too fast, which happened often, TikTok would show me a warning and would block me from following anyone for sometimes hours and hours. When I followed someone, they would get a notification that I followed them and a certain percentage would follow back.

Puzzle videos and following everyone who liked my videos was how I got to my first 1,000 followers on TikTok. It was a grind, but it was working.

But now I had a problem. Other people on TikTok were going viral every day, and they weren’t giving away $5 per video! This had to stop, I had to figure out a better way.

So I stopped relying on my puzzle videos and I tried to make content about my life or jokes. Now that I had a solid base of 1,000 followers, these did a lot better than I expected.

It was also during this time that I experimented with posting an animated drawing of a candle. It didn’t get a lot of of likes, but people in the comments were so supportive and told me I should post more drawings. This type of positive feedback stuck with me and came into play in my later videos.

As part of my brainstorming process I look through the for you page. There are always new trends that pick up and everyone starts doing them. One trend can make a lot of people “TikTok Famous”. I had to try and do something.

I started simple, I did a duet with a popular video to a remix of Hank Hill singing that he doesn’t know what a JPEG is and he just wants a picture of a “dang hotdog”. I literally just posted a video of a gummy worm. 400+ likes.

Then, and this was a big step, I created my own version where I drew Hank Hill as a dancing hotdog. 389 likes. Not as good as the duet with the super popular video, but a really great sign that I could get engagement with original content that didn’t involve a giveaway or piggy backing on someone else’s video!

This video was a big realization for me. If I looked through the for you page for popular content and then recreated popular content with my own spin on it, I could get solid engagement.

I spent some time searching and found a new piece of content I could do. I could do magic tricks where I would guess what shape or card you were looking at. I could then ask the viewer to double tap the screen to lock in their guess, and then I would reveal which card they had chosen.

This brought me an entirely new level of engagement. Now, instead of getting you to like the video on accident, I was asking you to like it on purpose.

On my first attempt I got 25.5k likes.

This was an insane jump in engagement for me, and just like with the puzzles… I chased the virality for a week.

But there was a problem. This type of content was getting likes, but it was really boring. Maybe I would be able to guess what 70% of people would choose, but there was no fun in it, there wasn’t anything special. I also had concerns that nobody would want to follow an account that didn’t provide anything special… I needed to figure out a way to take things to the next level.

I needed to figure out how to create a video that delivered a “wow” moment.

So I made a video where people could play rock paper scissors with me. I’d seen someone else do it and I thought it was cool. It got likes, and I still think it’s cool, but I can’t just post rock paper scissors videos every day.

Then I copied someone else’s video. This also worked… and it stuck with the magic theme… but I really didn’t want to create an account around copying other people’s videos. I had to think of something different. Something more original.

I really wanted to figure out how I could take my magic videos to the next level.

So I looked up the #magic hashtag on TikTok and started going through the top videos. What I discovered was that there were a lot of top videos from mind reading mentalists. They would ask you a series of questions and then reveal what you were thinking. It was like my pick a card magic but with the “wow” factor I was looking for.

So how could I put my own spin on it? I thought back to the positive comments viewers had left on my videos that included my drawings and decided I would create a comic book style character that could read minds and do magic tricks.

My first attempt got 10.7k likes. Huge! I shot a new version and made it even cleaner and this one got 244.1k likes and broke 2 million views! Not only that, but since my first video (with the banana) got a lot of likes but I didn’t get any followers, in my second video, which happened to go super viral, I asked people to like the video and follow me before I read their mind.

This worked and I got 10k new followers overnight and another 20k over the following week.

30 days into TikTok and I had found my new thing.

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What I Did on TikTok Last Week

Over the past week I have continued to experiment with the comic mentalist theme with pretty consistent success.

Here are some things I have tried and learned this week:

  • Creating different mentalist videos where I ask the viewer a series of questions while showing different pieces of paper with different pieces of information.

  • Some of my videos didn’t do go super viral and stuck around the 5k - 10k like range. It’s hard to tell exactly why they didn’t go as viral, but I think it may be because I made the videos too complicated or I talked too fast. People still like them, but they didn’t go super viral.

  • I spent a LOT of time deleting every open conversation I had in my TikTok inbox. When you follow someone on TikTok, and they follow you back, it automatically opens a new thread in your inbox. Because following was part of my strategy during my first month I had almost 1,000 open conversations in my inbox. Since my account is starting to grow I am hoping I can soon connect with more viral TikTok creators, so I needed to delete every conversation so that I could reach TikTok inbox zero so I would have a clean way to manage conversations moving forward.

  • I recreated a slightly different version of my super viral video and, guess what? It went viral too! This video has over 200k likes and is on it’s way to hitting 2 million views in just the past couple of days.

So here’s where my head is at right now:

  • I have reached a new level where I know I can consistently get 10k to 50k views with a chance of having a viral hit that gets 1mil to 2mil views. Wooo! This is exciting!

  • My comic character is in each of these new videos and I feel like that is the beginning of a brand. Also wooo! This is good!

  • I am wondering if it’s bad that I am not personally appearing in my videos. Is this hurting the brand of my TikTok? Will people not remember me? Can it really just be a comic character? Ryan Beard, our viral TikTok interview of the day, believes I should be on camera more (you can read more from Ryan in the next section).

  • I don’t want to just be doing mentalist style videos. I am interested in figuring out other types of videos I could work my comic character into. I have been spending some time looking up these hashtags to see if I can find some inspiration: #cartoons #drawing #animated.

  • I’ve had a couple people ask about me doing another Amazon gift card giveaway. Now that I have over 60k followers I’m a little curious how this type of video would do. I might try it out this week and see.

  • I am trying to think if there is a viral TikTok video I could create talking about this newsletter. Figuring out how to move people from TikTok to something like an email newsletter, or other forms of social media, is something I am still trying to figure out a strategy for.

  • I’ve had a few brands reach out to me about TikTok and I’ve been thinking through what the best strategy for ecommerce brands is. Not sure yet. More on this later.

Overall, my plan is to experiment with at least one video a week and also do one video a week that I know will do well. Hopefully I will soon discover the next tier of content I can create that is even more original, unique, and entertaining.

Interview with TikTok Creator Ryan Beard

@ryanbeardofficial | 480k+ TikTok Followers

Matt: When did you first start posting videos on TikTok? What convinced you to start using TikTok?

Ryan: I started posting TikToks in May of this year (2019), so I've been at it for about 5 months now and have already grown to nearly 500k followers. I had been watching TikToks ironically at the start. Back when TikTok first started, it was mostly still lip syncing videos like Musical.ly which I personally found very cringey. What really convinced me to start using TikTok was seeing how the app had brought major success to artists like Lil Nas X and mxmtoon. These artists wouldn't have their careers if it weren't for TikTok, and as a musician myself, I saw a lot of potential for building a following and eventually promoting my own music and YouTube channel.

Matt: What kind of content did you start creating in the beginning and how has that changed over time?

Ryan: From the get go, I wanted to create content that was different than the majority of content on the app. I decided to use my Nikon camera to shoot my videos rather than shooting in the app on my phone like the majority of people do. At first I definitely followed the trends more than I do now. I would take whatever trend is popular at the time and then put an unexpectedly dark or gross twist at the end. Over time, I've steered into doing almost completely original content. Now, instead of using the popular audios for example, I'll write a parody song using my own audio, or write a completely original comedy song commenting on something I think is wrong with the app. People on TikTok really do appreciate when they can see that you put a lot more effort into your video than most of the other videos they see on their "For You" page.

Matt: When was the first time you went viral on TikTok? Did it come as a surprise?

Ryan: My first video that went viral was a video called "How God Made My Girlfriend". It was already a popular trend where people would say that God made their girlfriend "pretty" or "smart" or "funny" etc...But instead my video said "stinky" "slimy" and "covered in scales", and at the end I revealed that my girlfriend is a fish, and I made out with the fish. It obviously became popular because of the gross out factor and the shareability of the video. I was definitely surprised with how quickly it shot up to over 300k likes, but with TikTok, if you have a video that their algorithm sees is doing exceptionally well, your video can go viral very quickly. Right now at least, shares are king with the TikTok algorithm. They want their videos to be shared to other social medias or having people sending the videos to their friends, so if you can get a high share rate on your video, that's the best way to get it in front of as many eyes as possible.

Matt: Have you used TikTok to grow other accounts like Instagram or YouTube?

Ryan: I have promoted my Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify through TikTok. One of my friends "cregtok" made a video using my song worshiping Danny Devito, and the song went viral on TikTok with many other people using that audio for their own videos showing how much they loved Danny Devito. Because of this, the video of the song on my YouTube channel went from 1000 views to over 800k.

TikTok really does have the power to make a song go viral if they legitimately enjoy it, but it's not easy to force. Since then I've also promoted my first single on TikTok which is now over 10k streams on Spotify.

I tried to turn the audio from the song into a trend where the punch line would be "I Scared All My Friends Away" which is the title of the song, and people would give examples of how they're scared their friends away, but this didn't work terribly well. Again, it's hard to force a trend.

Matt: What advice do you have for creators and brands trying to grow an audience on TikTok?

Ryan: My advice to brands trying to grow on TikTok is to show people something they haven't seen before. Their "For You" pages are flooded with millions of videos of people lip syncing to the exact same audios. I notice that most brands just tell their sponsored creators to hold their product and lip sync to whatever song the brand chooses, and while this will certainly show your product to people on that creator's account, it probably won't go viral on the "For You" page because the shareability is incredibly low.

The real way for brands to find success it to have a more original creator make a video that is unique and doesn't seem like it's pandering. If you can have a comment section filled with comments like "now this is how you do an ad", and you're getting a lot of shares on the video, you're doing it right. My friend cregtok made a video promoting the board game "What Do You Meme" by showing a video of him and his friends playing the game and one of his friends struggling to figure out the answer to a funny question. This video got over a million views and was shared thousands of times because he showed an authentic, shareable experience of him playing the game, rather than a video where he looks at the camera and says "Wow! I love this new game, What Do You Meme! It's so much fun!" which probably would have been shared almost not at all.

For creators that want to grow on TikTok, I have very similar advice. Rather than put out videos that are just following the trends, try to find a way to put your twist on the trend in a way that only you can. You have to stay current with what's happening on the app while finding a way to make yourself stand out. For example there is a rap song on TikTok that is extremely popular that goes "Bitch, I look like I'm fresh off the runway". I decided to make an operatic acapella version of the song that sounds like a choir from a horror movie. I titled it, "This is what you hear right before you die". People enjoyed the video because of the dichotomy of the silly lyrics paired against the very serious delivery of the song. That video got over 250k likes and the audio has been used in other people's videos over 10 thousand times. People love when you put together two different things that don't belong or have an unexpected twist at the end of your video.

Matt: What are you trying to figure out on TikTok right now?

Ryan: Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to get more of my audience to follow me on YouTube and Instagram. Many creators have a very difficult time getting their followings to come to other platforms. Especially because TikTok as an app is so focused around the "For You" page. Most people spend the majority if their time scrolling down that page which means they aren't as likely to come on to your account, and they're even less likely to take the time to follow your other social medias. There are of course ways to game this like saying "Read what my bio says" in the description of a video, but I personally prioritize authenticity above all else, so I try to stay away from tactics like that unless there's a good reason for it. I also get really annoyed when people say "watch until the end of the video!" because they're trying to game the algorithm, and then nothing interesting happens at the end of the video. If you're gonna tell people to watch until the end, put something interesting at the end! I have done things like saying "I'll comment on every video that uses this audio" or "I'll reply to every comment people leave on my YouTube video" as ways to get people to use my audios or follow my YouTube, and I do think this has been somewhat successful.

Matt: What TikTok creators do you like watching?

Ryan: I really enjoy watching comedy sketch based content and musical content. Some creators I would recommend checking out who have a really hilarious, ironic comedic style  are @wahony@hunynut@jaycote@nolanroseborough, and @calebwfrancis. All of them are making really smart, ironic humor that is different than what we've all seen before.

Matt: What questions should we ask other TikTok creators and brands when we interview them?

Ryan: The questions you've asked so far are really good! I would be interested to hear how brands' strategies differ from how everyone else is promoting on TikTok, and I would be interested to hear the more personal side of how TikTok affects creators mentally because there's definitely a big dopamine rush when you see that a video is going viral, and it can be really discouraging when a video doesn't do as well as you'd hoped. I don't think we fully understand the repercussions apps like these have on the mental health of young people, and I think the seeking of constant validation and always hoping for that next viral video can be really unhealthy if you don't have a good perspective on all of it. I'm still trying to find that healthy perspective myself.

Matt: What TikTok creator do you nominate for our next theforyoupage interview? :)

Ryan: Some creators I would love to see interviewed: @nolanroseborough (comedy sketches), @yeahimcaroline (cosplay and vloging), @tootymcnooty (animation), @charlescornellstudios (musical comedy), @minecrafter2011 (dance). I tried to choose a diverse list of creators who are all doing very unique things to push the platform forward.

Matt: What's one piece of advice you have for how I can make my TikTok account and content better? (@mattcatbat) Be as harsh as you want!

Ryan: I enjoyed your content! I like that your style stands out because you use the drawings on paper which is something I haven't seen much before, but if you don't show your face, you're not going to gain a following that really cares about you as a creator. If you're just making these videos for fun, then it's fine, but if you were to ever live stream for example, people probably wouldn't want to give you any donations because they haven't made a personal connection with you. I'm not a big fan of "mind reading" videos because they're really just math equations, but I know they're very popular. I thought that video where you had people solve a puzzle to get a gift card was super unique and something I'd never seen before. I think my main advice is you need to show your face is you want your audience to really care about you, but I really like how original a lot of your stuff is.

Thank you Ryan for taking the time to share your TikTok journey with myself and theforyoupage readers! I will take your advice to heart and see how I can use it to improve my TikTok account!

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Introducing theforyoupage

It all started as an experiment.

I created an anonymous TikTok account, I told no one in my social circle, and I started creating content. In my first 28 days my TikTok videos were viewed by over 2,300,000 people, received over 280,000 likes, and grew to an audience of 30,000 followers. I achieved this growth mostly by posting videos of post it notes, bananas, and playing cards. I connected with other viral creators on TikTok in an effort to learn more. theforyoupage was created to continuously bring this inside information about TikTok to aspiring creators, brands, and marketers.

When I was a product manager at Facebook and Instagram, building a true content-first social network was the holy grail. We never figured it out. Yet somehow TikTok has cracked the nut and leapfrogged everyone else.” - Eric Bahn, Managing Director of Hustle Fund & Ex Instagram Product Manager

Zero to Viral

What sets TikTok apart from anything else you have ever experienced, is that TikTok uses AI to determine precisely just how good your video is, and it ranks you on a scale of ten views to tens of millions of views. This means that right now you can download TikTok on your phone, upload a video, not tell anyone about it, and within an 1-24 hours you will know just how good that video is, and if you're lucky you may even become "TikTok famous".

In 2018 TikTok was downloaded more than Instagram.

TikTok is the culmination of all social content platforms leading up to today - its mobile first, short form videos, with a heavy emphasis on music, comedy, dancing, intimacy, and trends. With hundreds of millions of active users, brands are growing faster on TikTok than any other platform.

You don't need to play the guessing algorithm game like other platforms, TikTok basically just hands it to you, while keeping it fun and entertaining. I love how easy they make it to find trends and get discovered by participating in them.” - Jenna Ezarik, Over 100,000,000 Views Online

Join me on this journey.

As social networks evolve, and more people in the world are connected online, channels like TikTok are enabling humans and brands to go viral faster than ever.

I am completely fascinated by the impact on culture, business, and humanity, that TikTok is having and will continue to have. I think we are only at the beginning of what this platform will become and I am excited to be on this journey with you.

If you're not on TikTok yet, I challenge you to see what happens when you download it and start scrolling it's "for you" page. I bet you won't be able to put your phone down.

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